10 Money Keys

10 Happy Sensitive Keys to Making Money in Your Business

The 10 Happy Sensitive Keys
{ for HSPs and Empaths }
to Make Money in Your Biz

Because it's time to lead your business the happy sensitive way!

🗝️ How to stay productive

Without worrying if you're working on the right thing or not. 

Included: Your very own (sophisticated!) Good Idea Worksheet. 💡 💰

To help you take action on your good ideas, instead of letting them go to waste.

A business that feels good


🗝️ Communicate Your Big Idea

When people don't understand what you're selling, they are not going to buy. 

You may think you're super clear, but is that clarity translating? 

I walk you through a brainstorming process to see what's missing. 

So you know what to explain to people so they get it (and buy it!)

..You don't like my offer?

                   I have some questions...

🗝️ Real Talk About Pricing

Let's get real about what to keep in mind when setting prices that people will actually pay. There are 2 essential check-in steps to this formula.

Plus, while we're at it, how about some help with your money goals? I'm sharing my super simple spreadsheet to help plan, dream, predict and track your income

Because, gotta keep it real! This will literally take only a few minutes. No long staring at scary finance screens, I promise. Or piggybanks.

That Kid-Like Enthusiasm is Back!

🗝️ Emotions Direct Your Biz

Thought you could keep your emotions out of it? 

You can't, and I'm going to show you why you don't want to!

Plus, I bet you're not expecting these bonus tips on how you can let your emotions help you to get work done!

No more waiting until you "feel ready" 

(which is like, once in a blue moon anyway?)

Do I need all of these?

🗝️ Healthy Money Boundaries

Don't let money leak away with these super common, very fixable mistakes. 

Mistakes that come from kindness and a bit too much of a "I'm sure it will all work out fairly" attitude.


🗝️ Your Biz = Well-Being

Because if your business doesn't add to your well-being, what is it? 

A creative prison? A never-ending sequel of sleepless nights??? Sacrificing yourself for success?

Let's not do that. 

In fact, I'll share with you how your own well-being helps to grow your business... it's all connected!

Plus, an in-depth class on how to create a self-care system to protect you from overwhelm, no matter what your life is like. 

It works, and you can learn it in 90 minutes.

Your Good Idea is in Here!

🗝️ Be Unwavering, Yet Flexible

Ah yes, thou Zen Master!

But seriously - If you're wondering if you should pivot. 

If you're doubting your services. 

If you're not sure whether to keep at it or do what people seem to want from you... 

this module will give you clarity.

So that you can be clear and consistent, without being wishy-washy, or unnecessarily rigid - and you don't scare customers away.

🗝️ You + Trial & Error

Being a business owner is all about attitude! 

When you have unrealistic expectations, you'll feel like you're constantly failing, even when you're not at all! 

Let's make sure you know what to truly expect... 

(Not what all the instagram models are pretending is real) 

...so that you're set up for real success.

🗝️ Optimize the Right Things

What should you do, what should you get? 

Which things are worth investing in, and which are just a pretentious waste of money? 

I give you my system for deciding here.

And Finally!

🗝️ You, Happiness CEO

Because if not happiness, then what?

Sure, happiness is not going to be there every single day, but I believe it needs to be a key part of your plan. 

Whether that is work hard, play harder. Or chill out and drop the pace.

Join Me?

Here's an item-by-item view of the course


Course Curriculum

Caroline van Kimmenade

Who am I? And why did I make this for you?

Hi! I'm Caroline.

I  have a website for unconventional,
Highly Sensitive Self-Employed People:

Biz adventurers, psychic inventors, creative seekers and Wanna Do My Own Thingers.


You need to make more money!

Even though you'd prefer not to have to 🙄

I see you! I know what it's like to be a 
Reluctant Moolah Meddler 😬

I was one, for a long time!

You can do this, in a fun way!
Let me show you how.

The 10 Money Keys


10 Short Videos, Audios & Transcripts of Lessons. 

Worksheets - to fill out online, or print.

There are 3 different googlesheets worksheets that auto-update, 
so I recommend using those (mostly) online as printing will kill most of their functionality. 

However, I've also created simpler, B&W printables where possible if you prefer pen and paper! 
+ 2 googledoc brainstorming sheets that have printable versions

Bonus classes to go deeper:

🧘🏽 2 Money Meditations (to help clear out money blocks)
😵 How to Avoid Overwhelm (detailed workshop)
 ⛷️ How to Get Specific About What You Do (so you gain momentum)

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When and how long do I have to finish the course?

The course is self-paced! You can start when you like - you get access right away - and can keep using it as long as you want.

In fact, I think you'll be using the worksheets a lot. They're pretty nifty!

Do I have to download anything?


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So you can take it with you wherever you go.
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What if I have questions? 

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I will answer anything there...
within reason!

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