Your mind needs a breath of fresh, soothing air

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Unique Mind Tidying Process for Highly Sensitive People

  • 👉 That person is driving you crazy
  • 🤔 You can’t figure out what is really going on here

  • 💡 💡 💡 Too many ideas!
  • 😵 Feeling All The Things
  • ➰ Caught in a mental loop

  • 😰 😰 Can’t calm down
  • 👩‍🏫 Can’t focus on what you know you need to focus on…

  • 😟😟 Worried, and worried some more.

  • 🤔 Wondering what they are thinking...

😒 It’s stupid, but there’s nothing you can do, although, maybe…is there? Maybe…hmmm, maybe not, or maybe…

Does this sound familiar?

It’s no fun being stressed.

It’s no fun having a brain looming over you that is circling round and round going over All The Things.

Especially when you know there’s no point.

But how do you make it stop?


Good news! 

There are pretty straightforward and fun(!) steps you can take to take that mind from cluttered and exhausted to tidy and airy.

Sure, it’s not a cure for PTSD or ADD and it won’t solve your emotional problems (if you have them), just as, stacking your bills neatly won’t automatically pay them…

But it does help you:
keep overview, prioritise, and focus on what’s next.

(Instead of on all the things floating around in your head)

Imagine laughing out loud at what is stressing you out most right now.

I know it sounds unreal!

Yet, when you learn my step-by-step and unusual Mind Tidying process for putting things in perspective, you'll discover that your mind is actually pretty funny!

Many students who took this class had moments of laughing out loud when they found their way out of the inner, muddled, doom & gloom stress loops going round and round in their mind on autopilot.

👉 they found perspective
👉 felt grounded
👉 felt hopeful
👉 understood themselves in new ways

and broke out of those darn stress loops!

And don't worry - we're not doing fake laughter yoga in this class. 

I won't try to make you giggle on purpose. It's just that, when you can really take a step back and see your mental loops for what they are, there is a way in which they can be pretty hilarious

Wouldn't that be a relief?

To laugh, instead of worry.
To breathe instead of holding tight.
To let go of things you can't control anyway.
To refocus on what really matters most.
To get your mental space back to use as a workspace, instead of a torture space.


Meet Your Teacher

Hi - I'm Caroline!

I’m no stranger to stress – I’m Highly Sensitive too!, and my brain can get overloaded as much as the next Highly Sensitive Person’s.

But that's o.k. because I know how to keep my mind tidy!

I'm creative, curious and do things my own way. As a result, I've come up with some helpful tools and systems that are not what other people teach.

Psst - I've been working with Highly Sensitive People and Empaths since 2014 to help them go from highly sensitive, to happy sensitive. 

You might have heard of my website:

I know and believe that as much as your sensitivity can be a source of overwhelm, it can be a source of joy, alignment and purpose too!

It's just that when you're more sensitive, you need to know how to keep overwhelm at bay - because you naturally get stressed more quickly (and boy, don't we know it!)

Mind Tidying

for when your thoughts and feelings are on overload

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