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Develop more clarity, inner peace and energy with all the big and small courses, podcasts, articles, worksheets and meditations that come with a Library Membership.

Dive into the Library and explore the Happy Sensitive materials that speak to you right now. Continue with those materials for a few weeks or pick a different topic to explore. You set the pace. 

Explore Connections

Being Highly Sensitive affects everything in your life.

Explore connections by combining different Library materials.

Keep it Simple

All your courses are stored online.

You can access everything by logging into your Library account on PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad or Phone.

Get Practical Tips

Put the Library Materials to work for you. These are not "just theoretical" courses!

I designed these materials for making a happy difference in your life!

Being Highly Sensitive isn't easy.

You want advice that is real. That doesn't make things sound easier than they are.

But you also want something inspiring: to get new explanations, tips and steps that never occurred to you before.

So you can break out of those stuck places that have been holding you back.

You want to go from Highly Sensitive, to Happy Sensitive.

Library Front Desk

Ask Caroline for a recommendation on where best to start in the Library.

Great if you're a little overwhelmed with all the options or not sure what would help you most right now.

Optional Coaching Sessions

Want to work through something in person? In the Library you can purchase single coaching calls with Caroline at a discount.

Great if you're feeling a little stuck or just need to talk to someone who gets it.

New Materials added Regularly

Get access to new courses and materials as they are added.

I regularly think of new helpful things to add here, based on questions I get from other HSPs.

Whether you are a self-study afficionado, or you do like to receive personal support from time to time, the Library has you covered.

Do as much as you can - or everything - on your own. I'm here if you need a pointer on where to go next or want to chat in person.

Quick Guides

The Library includes quick guides that you can work through in an hour or an afternoon.


The Library includes podcasts to help you learn new skills. Just play and relax. Or listen on the go.

In-depth Courses

The Library includes big courses that are meant to sink in slowly. With meditation exercises to help you go deep.

See that long list of topics listed further below?
All of that goodness is included in a Library Membership.

The little icons tell you more about the content


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Downloadable Worksheets


Course Curriculum

 "I have joined your library and will stay for a couple of months or so - trying to make the most of the courses in this new arrangement. They are very clearly laid out in your library cataloge and that is really easy to use." 


 "Caroline writes about sensitivity in ways I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I appreciate her straightforwardness and her warm compassion. All of her material shows a clear, in depth understanding of a whole spectrum of sensitivity-related issues. The building energy recordings in particular were super helpful! People don’t usually talk about energy in those terms, and it’s helped me return to healthier energy levels and pursue my creative work with more ease. The Happy Sensitive Library has so many resources I know I’ll return to in the future."  

New York, USA

 "I just wanted to say thank you for putting your library together. I went through two courses; one on understanding energy sensitivity and on rebuilding depleted energy. Wow. Sooo very relevant. I've been struggling with the energy "bank account" and that series of audios really helped me. Yay :)"  

Connecticut, USA

 [About the Winter Blues Kit] "I found the 2 main points re: underlying emotional/psyche patterns that contribute to SAD to be enlightening...a key piece for me, so, well worth the price of admission. :) I'm looking forward to exploring a little more of the other content I have access to."  

Virginia, Craniosacral & Somatic Bodywork, California, USA

About the Practical Perfection Course:

 "I have struggled with perfectionism for a long, long time.  This [course] helped me a) become more aware of my own perfectionism-based behaviour, b) understand the drivers behind it and c) most importantly, to either laugh at it and embrace it or, equally importantly, to let it go... Keeping in mind such little (but super potent) "mantras" such as "is it helpful to dot the i's here?" has been a HUGE help to me!" 


 "I told my friend about your super interesting sections on perfectionism. I never heard that before in connection to HSP. Frankly that's my major cause of anxiety and stress every day. Your approach to perfectionisom is a novel one that perfectly fit my HSP trait. From the day I started to know about it, it sticks in my mind and is fixing my daily thoughts and action" 

Middle East

About the More Good Stuff Project

 "I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for this project, it’s only the first week and this has helped me big time… so many changes have come about and I feel so grateful to you every time I listen to those meditations (been doing that daily). " 


Happy Sensitive Library Creator:

Caroline van Kimmenade


I'm Caroline and I created this Library + + 

I'm a Highly Sensitive Person and an Empath and I discovered the hard way that:

honouring your sensitivity (instead of fighting it) 
is the key to more happiness and energy.

As HSPs we naturally get overwhelmed more quickly, so we need to be smart and resourceful about our how we do things! 

When you learn how to work WITH your sensitivity, instead of fighting it, everything starts to change for the better. 

I want to show you how. That's why I built this Library, so you can pick and choose what you need most and learn at your own pace.

Let's get started!

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