The Happy Sensitive Library

Over a year's worth of HSP resources!

A Growing Library of Sensitive Support for Highly Sensitive People

Because your sensitivity, your natural attunement, your kindness, your empathy, is an asset.
It is needed in the world!

It's just that, you're no use to anyone - least of all yourself - when you're overwhelmed!

And your sensitivity does require a special kind of user manual,
because as a Highly Sensitive Person, you get stressed out more quickly. 

Unfortunately, other people often don't get that,
which is why it is so so important to have the know-how,
tools and HSP shortcuts to deal with this yourself!

That's why I built this Library for you.
We'll get into lots of nitty gritty stuff!
No grand, vague sweeping gestures telling you to "just relax"!

How it Works

You'll develop more clarity, inner peace and energy with all the big and small courses, podcasts, articles, worksheets and meditations that come with a Library Membership.

You set the pace.

You click on and explore what feels relevant.

With a membership, you get instant access to all materials in the Library.

You don't need to download anything because everything is accessible online, instantly.
Super easy! Just purchase a membership, log in and get started!

Explore Connections

Being Highly Sensitive affects everything in your life.

Explore connections by combining different Library materials.

Keep it Simple

All your courses are stored online.

You can access everything by logging into your Library account on PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad or Phone.

Get Practical Tips

Put the Library Materials to work for you. These are not "just theoretical" courses!

I designed these materials for making a happy difference in your life!

Being Highly Sensitive isn't easy.

But it's no reason to suffer either!

When I discovered I was Highly Sensitive I was really elated, and then disappointed.

 Much of the materials out there for HSPs were just repeating the same few tips.
Plus, put bluntly, there was so much whining!
So much complaining about how insensitive the world is.
So much "oh no, it's so stressful to be Highly Sensitive - poor us, we're doomed!"

Look, 1 in 5 people is Highly Sensitive.
That's no accident. We are here for a reason.
YOU are here for a reason!
And you are meant to thrive, not hide under a rock!

So I set out to develop ways to make High Sensitivity a good thing.
A happy thing! To use our sensitivity to our benefit!
And I'd like to share the many steps and tools I've developed with you here.

To inspire you.
To help you break out of any stuck places that have been holding you back.
And laugh more!

Options, Options, Options

Library Front Desk

Ask me for a recommendation on where best to start in the Library.

Great if you're a little overwhelmed with all the options or not sure what would help you most right now.

Optional Coaching Sessions

Want to work through something in person? In the Library you can purchase single coaching calls with me at a discount.

Great if you're feeling a little stuck or just need to talk to someone who gets it.

New Materials added Regularly

Get access to new courses and materials as they are added.

I regularly think of new helpful things to add here, based on questions I get from other HSPs.

Whether you are a self-study afficionado, or you do like to receive personal support from time to time, the Library has you covered.

Do as much as you can - or everything - on your own. I'm here if you need a pointer on where to go next or want to chat in person.

Quick Guides

The Library includes quick guides that you can work through in an hour or an afternoon.


The Library includes podcasts to help you learn new skills. Just play and relax. Or listen on the go.

In-depth Courses

The Library includes big courses that are meant to sink in slowly. With meditation exercises to help you go deep.

See that long list of topics listed further below?
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